Home safety: Confused.com reveal the UK’s most and least vulnerable cities

With crimes such as burglaries tending to increase in the winter months, which cities are the most and least vulnerable when it comes to safety, and how can people keep their home safe from intruders?

A new study by Confused.com reveals the UK’s safest city is Liverpool whilst Hull is the most dangerous for home safety

A new study by Confused.com has analysed the UK’s most populated cities to find the safest and most dangerous areas to live in the UK, using metrics such as crime & burglary rates, police presence, number of CCTV cameras and ambulance response time. They also conducted a survey with 2,000 respondents to find out how safe Brits feels where they live and what makes them feel the most and least safe in their neighbourhoods.

Please see the full study here: https://www.confused.com/home-insurance/most-secure-postcodes

The areas with the highest risk of burglaries in the UK:

Rank Location Burglaries per 1,000 people
1 Manchester 15
2 Doncaster 13.1
3 Hull 12.5
4 Leeds 11.5
5 Bradford 10.4
6 Rotherham 10
7 Sheffield 10
8 Southampton 9.8
9 Birmingham 9.3
10 Northampton 9.1

  • London ranks as the nation’s 4th safest city – the capital holds the highest number of police officers at 31,175, which is almost 6 times the amount of Manchester’s police force, which comes in second with 6,539 officers
  • Liverpool ranks as the UK’s safest city overall for families – the northern city holds the highest number of CCTV cameras at 35,254 and falls below the UK’s average crime rate of 71,145 per city, at just 59,623. It is also the cheapest to live in out of the top five safest cities

To help Brits keep their homes safe, property expert Paul Gibbens from Housebuyers4u shares his top tips:

Review the outside of your home: Ensure there are no broken windows or doors and that there is no damage to the entry points
of your home
Get a security system or alarm– preferably one with off-site monitoring for maximum security. If you have an alarm that comes with a security code, be sure to change it on a regular basis
Add exterior lights: As thieves love to work in the dark, this will act as a great preventative measure
Add in security company signs – Again this will act as a preventative measure
Don’t display your valuable items for all to see: This will reduce the chances of your home getting targeted
Remove the hidden house key: Although convenient, a burglar will know where to look if you try and hide a spare key ‘under the carpet’

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