Heart Rate Test Reveals: THESE Premier League Fans are most Passionate!

Each year, the Premier League presents fans with the chance to show just how passionate they are. From red cards to injuries and losses, football can be a stressful sport to watch at the best of times.

Compare.bet asked 200 supporters from each Premier League team to wear heart rate monitoring watches the day before and during two of their teams’ games. The heart rate (BPM) of fans during both games was then measured to answer the question; which Premier League team’s fans are the most passionate?

  • Burnley FC fans are the most passionate, with a 90% increase in heart rate when watching their team play (71 BMP to 135 BPM)
  • The least passionate supporters are Everton’s, only averaging a 40% increase across both matches (81 BPM to 113 BPM)
  • Manchester United fans are the most stressed during their team’s games with their heart rate (BPM) averaging at 147 throughout play
  • The least stressed fans are those of Southampton’s, recording the lowest BPM throughout their team’s games at an average heart rate of 111 BPM