Celebs & Charities Launch Biggest Sport Card Event in History

Dave Oancea who recently rocked the sports memorabilia industry by selling his Mike Trout rookie baseball card for $3.9 million (a new world record), and is now giving back to charities and the public by offering free spots in the biggest Card Break ever which is a sealed 1986 FLEER Basketball card box worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and will be held Live on January 11th. Dave will be giving packs away to 18 celebrities to donate to charity, and the other 18 packs will be awarded and distributed on an individual card basis to the public who enter the contest here: https://cardsforcharity.com/.

What makes this box so valuable is that there is an average of 3 Michael Jordan rookie cards in each box, which can sell for $200,000 each. Please see Dave explain this once in a lifetime event here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9G68EnRHQt

If you are not familiar with ‘Card Breaks,’ collectors and fans buy into a ‘break’ – which can cost anywhere from a few to hundreds of dollars – and watch the unwrapping live. Days later, they receive their share of the cards in the mail. It’s all about chance: people don’t know what cards they’ll receive until the packs are opened. Sometimes a spot in a break yields cards worth only pennies. Other times, a collector hits it big. The difference here is that this box is worth an incredible amount of money… and Dave is giving away 100% of the iconic basketball cards for FREE.

A sports betting legend in his own time, Dave has achieved record breaking payouts time and time again. His signed Trout Rookie Card Serial recently made international headlines after selling for $3.936 million, surpassing the previous record held by a 1909 Honus Wagner card. Dave is an acclaimed sports betting consultant, where he provides mentorship for clientele from all over the world, and he is the go-to sports information consultant as seen on ESPN, Fox Sports, Yahoo Sports, USA Today, Forbes, and Showtime TV. Some of Dave’s most shocking wins were when he predicted that the Kansas City Royals would win the World Series – just one week into the start of the season. Experts at the same time were predicting the team to finish last in the AL Central division. This proved to be the highest paid future bet in the industry, where he turned his $100,000 ticket and into a cool $2.5 million. Other future bets, like his preference for UFC fighter Holly Holm over the undefeated Ronda Rousey were major upsets. He cashed in once again and turned his original $20,000 into a payout of $240,000; setting a record in the world of UFC sports betting and then beating his own record a mere month later.