Burning eco home to demonstrate Grenfell repeat is avoidable

A house will be set on fire as a firm displays its solution to avoiding another tragedy like Grenfell Tower.

Envirograf, a Dover-based manufacturer of fire-fighting products, will demonstrate its “panels that cannot and will not burn” on a “furnished two-storey eco home in their car park” on Thursday morning.

The Grenfell blaze at the 24-storey London block of flats led to 72 deaths and more than 70 injuries.

An Envirograf statement said: “After the Grenfell Tower tragedy in June 2017 it became clear that hundreds of buildings all over the UK are potentially unsafe because they have similar cladding materials or use products which fail to meet fire safety standards and building regulations.

“Since hearing of the failings highlighted by the disaster, Envirograf has shown demonstrable commitment to develop a new fire-proof system which extends to improving integrity of fire barriers as well as fire-proof panels and products for ceilings, floors, roofs and walls.

“After years of rigorous product testing Envirograf has created a system of panels that cannot and will not burn and when assembled into a house or flats meet eco-build standards.”

Envirograf’s managing director Derek Ward said: “The panels have been developed to be suitable for use for bungalows, houses or flats that will never burn from inside or outside.

Should there be a fire in a room within the house, after the fire has died down the area can be cleared and redecorated within four hours.

“The advantage of this building being eco is there is no necessity for heating due to its impressive thermal performance. A system can be installed in the panels to give air circulation.”

The statement continues: “Envirograf and Envirowall are collaborating with Local Authority Building Control (LABC) to get the panels certified for building houses.

“Envirograf has invited key counsellors and members of parliament to a live product demonstration. This will be of major interest to councils across England and anyone involved in new home builds and refurbishment as well as freeholders and leaseholders who are interested in safe eco homes.

“To prove their commitment and quality of their product innovation, Envirograf has built a furnished two-storey eco home in their car park which they will set on fire on Thursday 22nd July 2021 at 10am.

“The live fire test and event will be filmed and documented to demonstrate that the UK need never see a repeat of the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy which has left so many people displaced, homeless and helpless.”

The event will be held at Envirograf House, Barfrestone, Dover, Kent, CT15 7JG.

Those interested in attending the event, please call Dawn Capon on 01304 842555 or email dawn.capon@envirograf.com