Black Friday offer – Get £500 off CAR.O.L the AI bike that gets you fit in 40 seconds with free monthly subscription thrown in

Take of the pounds with CAR.O.L the incredible AI HIIT – £500 off list price for October and November with bonus offer for Black Friday week of free annual subscription thrown in

Get an incredible £500 off CAR.O.L, the smart tech AI, HIIT exercise bike scientifically proven to get you fit in 40 seconds between October and to Black Friday, with the added bonus of a free one year subscription worth £144 for the last week of November.

CAR.O.L (usual price £2995 – now £2495), is pushing the boundaries of everything we know about exercise and is scientifically proven to give you guaranteed results in the shortest amount of time possible. A session on CAR.O.L delivers a more effective and better workout than regular cardio and you won’t even sweat.

Every session on CAR.O.L is personalised and two 20 second hard sprints means that 3 rides a week on CAR.O.L (as part of a full 8 minute 40 second session that includes an effortless warm up and warm down) is all it takes to get you fit and slim and improve your health and quickly reach your fitness goals.

The tech in a CAR.O.L bike is way ahead of other exercise bikes, making regular workout regimes redundant, so forget spending hours on Peleton, ditch the gym, spin class and your personal trainer. This is the first truly personalised, time saving, life-changing workout that is like being in the lab with a scientist calibrating every second of your exercise regime to get maximum results.

In a randomised, independently funded trial the prestigious American Council of Exercise scientifically found that a short workout on CAR.O.L with only 2 x 20 seconds of hard work makes obsolete regular US government exercise guidelines of 5 x 30 minutes sessions a week:

“CAR.O.L outperformed Government Guidelines on every measurement.

32 participants were allocated into two groups in a randomized controlled trial over eight weeks. One group exercised with CAR.O.L three days per week, while the other group exercised 30 minutes for five days per week in line with Government Guidelines.

CAR.O.L’s glycogen depletion workouts are so effective and efficient that the group exercising with CAR.O.L got double the gains in a fraction of the time”.

Regular use of CAR.O.L doubles fitness gains and improves many key health markers. Watch the video here to find out how regular sessions on CAR.O.L leads to rapid depletion of glycogen stores which leads to weight loss, a drop in blood sugar and blood pressure, making it ideal for people with diabetes, metabolic syndrome and pre-diabetes, high blood pressure and other health problems.

CAR.O.L is a game changer for the time poor, the exercise haters, biohackers and the early adopters. Working out on CAR.O.L means you no longer need to spend hours in the gym or have gruelling session with personal trainers and the great news is there is £500 off for Black Friday using the code BLACKFRIDAY2020

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