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This cult brand launched only last year and is now available in retailers across the globe. Why? Because Faace is giving you a new way to shop for your skin. Tiredness, menstruation, exercise, anxiety – you name it, we’re doing all sorts of self-sabotage to our skin. But Faace is not here to berate you. Faace is here to provide fuss-free solutions to skin disrupted by life.

The brand’s two new cleansers, Dull Faace and Dirty Faace are everything you could ever want from a cleansing duo. See attached press release for full details.

Dirty Faace cleansing wash – £23 (100ml)
A cleanser with benefits, this creamy gel formula doesn’t just get rid of hangers on (make up, dirt, SPF, pollution etc), it treats the complexion with purifying, soothing and moisturising ingredients so your skin becomes the best it’s ever been.

Dull Faace cleanser mask combo – £24 (100ml)
Is it a mask? Is it a cleanser? Who cares as long as it gives you brighter, smoother skin. A multi-tasking dream, use it as a cleanser to remove impurities when you’re tight on time or leave it on for 10 minutes as a mask if your skin needs the big guns going in.